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deutsche Version findest du hier:   Ninja Finne von Larry Allison

Non plus Ultra Ninja von Larry Allison
Fanatic Mistral
Der SUPer-Bartl


and also in english short version:

Hello guys.. here is SUPer-Bartl writing from Styria to give you buying tips for your fin managing stand up Paddling without seagrass.

Everywhere in the world, it could happen that when you are paddling, some shit get hung on your fin stopping your acceleration. And in the worst case you have to go in the water to clean your fin. Last year i had a race, where i had to go through tons of grass and lost a good position, cause the fin held all the grass. Since this moment i only use fins, which cannot hold any shit swimming in the water. In November last year i got a Larry Allison Fin called Ninja,..thanks to my friend Abel Cathelineau, who gave me this fin. I paddle this fin in most of the conditions i have, especially in lakes and big rivers with common stream:

The Ninja fin works well under different conditions. In my Naish Javelin it is longer than the boardtail, but doesnt matter, it works. And i can paddle through tons of Seagrass and mud and nothing stays on the fin,thats really great and gives you much comfort while paddling.

For longer tours sometimes in flat water passages i prefer the fin from the company select, because it is only 19 cm deep and you can paddle flat passages without problems. (i got it also from Abel...)

Fanatic and Mistral also have fins in the program, which dont hold much seagrass or other stuff, but i have not tested them, so i cant say it for sure.


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Winter SUP - stehend paddeln in der Ke

Ludmilla M.: Muss ich im Winter einen langen Neoprenanzug verwenden?
Peter B: Gibt es Nachteile bei langem Neopren?
Peter B.:Sandra F.: Ziehst du so etwas an in deinem Paddeltraining?
Peter B.:Barbie. K.: Paddelst du auch bei Minusgraden und rutscht man da am Board nicht aus wegen dem Eis?
Peter B.:Seppi R.: Wie oft bist du schon ungewollt im Winter reingefallen beim Training?
Peter B.: Heidi K.:
Peter B.:Heidi K.: Du hattest aber auch bei deiner SUP Tour nach Belgrad normale Schuhe an, was ist da der Unterschied?
Peter B.: